What We Do


Loan Servicing Strategy / Analysis

MSS recognizes that all loan portfolios  are different, from the size to the type of loan.  Let us help you design your servicing strategy.  This includes determining if you should keep servicing in house, outsource certain functions on consider a sub servicing arrangement.  We will assist in helping you realize a steady servicing revenue that can help sustain your overall mortgage business.

Sub Servicing Selection / Oversight

Should you decide to sub service your portfolio, MSS can help you decide who the right partner for your business should be.  We have relationships with both large and specialty sub servicers and can help your company find the right fit. 

Once you have selected the partner, MSS can assist in managing that relationship and managing the 3rd party oversight functions to ensure your portfolio stays compliant and is handled within the terms of your agreement.  

MSS will also review all servicing agreements for pricing, compliance changes and services offered to ensure you are indeed getting what you pay for.

GSE Reviews / Audit Preparation

MSS has a deep understanding of the GSE compliance requirements both on the production and servicing sides of the business and has performed hundreds of portfolio reviews and department analysis for the purpose of GSE audits as well as assisting clients gain GSE approval. 

Prior to GSE onsite reviews, MSS can review all impacted areas for compliance and completeness, and make recommendations to ensure that findings are limited, and proactively establish action plans where necessary.

MSS represents their clients in maneuvering the application process as well.  By working with the review teams directly, and leveraging personal relationships within the GSE's, MSS is able to assess an organizations readiness prior to application submission, and recommend any changes that could cause a problem with the GSE's.  All of MSS's engagements have resulted in approval for clients within this space.

Compliance / Quality Control

MSS possesses a deep knowledge of mortgage compliance and Quality Control practices.  Our consultants have years of experience on both the production and servicing fronts. 

MSS can help sure up compliance programs at a macro and micro level depending upon your needs.

MSS also provides Quality Control services for both pre funding and post closing loan segments.  Partnering with a leading technology firm, we offer experienced underwriters that utilize a real time technology so that clients can see immediately defects within the loan process and identify trends to not only quickly remedy issues, but impact loan quality moving forward.

Risk Management / Loss Mitigation Expertise

MSS has years of experience implementing specific reviews and processes for clients needing assistance within Loss Mitigagion and Risk Management areas.  

MSS can assemble a team of risk experts to assess an number of areas , including Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Modifications, Claim Processing and insurance work.   MSS has also refined and developed industry leading processes to optimize resources in these areas.

HR Support

MSS also provides tactical and strategic resources on both a contract and full-time basis.  We are equipped and seasoned at recruiting for executive level positions, providing temporary executive leadership, as well as placing strong subject matter experts in both long term and short term contract roles.