Having children with special needs is a challenge for both parents and children alike, but add the pressure of competitive educational environments, social stigma's, and government imposed guidelines, ensuring your child is getting what they need in terms of education can easily turn into  full time job.   

Donny Atkins, Jr., is a single dad of children with special needs who learned how to navigate the education system to leverage the resources available in order to ensure his children's educational, social and functional needs were met.  While many told him that this can be an insurmountable task, he quickly learned that by educating yourself on the process and resources available , you can get the results your children deserve.  

While maintaining his successful consulting business, Donny share's his learnings with other parents in need of advocate services when lobbying for their children's rights.   His own experiences ignited his passion to help others end futile fighting with public schools and show how with the right approach you can get the best results to ensure your children's future allows them the education that best suits their needs. 

Whether your child is autistic, dyslexic, suffers from severe ADHD, or has emotional or mental illness, Donny can help you determine what resources are available , educate you on the process and walk you through your journey to a successful education plan for your children.